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The investment advisory firm of O’Brien Greene & Co. provides independent investment management to a diverse clientele. Individuals, families, and corporate retirement plans make up the majority of clients, although longtime clients also include trusts, insurance companies, and charitable endowments. We seek the preservation and growth of capital through good and bad markets, and our investment strategy emphasizes several themes: simple, transparent, separate accounts; direct ownership of high-quality stocks and investment-grade bonds; diversification across the market; customized portfolios with a high degree of personal attention. The firm has more than $270 million under management and its offices are located in suburban Philadelphia in the borough of Media, Pennsylvania.

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What We’re Reading

29 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, What We're Reading
Monday links:  Stocks Fall on Growth Worries (Wall Street Journal) Small Caps Miss Out on Stock Rally (Wall Street Journal) A Record Quarter for Dividends (Barron’s) Don’t Panic Yet About Retirement (Barron’s) Gross Loses Pimco Power Struggle With ‘Stunning’ Exit (Bloomberg) Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash (ProPublica) Why Investors Should Bet on India  (Fortune) Nike Just Did it Again (Seeking Alpha) Zero Hedge: Wall Street’s daily dose of doom and gloom (CNN Money) Larry Ellison Bought an Island in Hawaii. Now What? (NYT Magazine) . Chart of the Day:  read more...

What We’re Reading: September 24

24 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
Wednesday links: U.S. Stocks Inch Higher (WSJ) This Man’s Job: Make Bill Gates Richer (WSJ) Small Caps Hit Two-Year Low Vs. Large Caps (All Star Charts) Wal-Mart is Getting into Banking with Low-Cost Checking Accounts (New York Times) Why Slower Growth is Good for China (Business Insider) George Soros: Why I Agree With (Some Of) Friedrich Hayek (Seeking Alpha) Sell Rosh Hashanah, Buy Yom Kippur? (Barron’s) Why Commodities are Getting Crushed (Business Insider) Apple Pay Could Generate Big Profits in the Long Term (Investor’s Business Daily) read more...

Will International Turmoil Sink the Market?

23 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
Today the U.S. launched attacks on Syria. According to the Wall Street Journal the Pentagon has said that the strikes are the beginning of a longer campaign and not a one-time attack. Yesterday the market snapped its five day winning streak, and today it is down again. What does a possible war mean for the market? The Economist has a recent piece that puts the international turmoil in perspective. While the human cost of the violence is terrible and should never be downplayed, it’s important to realize that global financial markets are remarkably resilient. The Economist says: In a new book Henry Kissinger, the doyen of foreign-policy strategists, describes a world in which disorder threatens, and violence in Ukraine and the Middle East and tensions in the South China Sea vindicate him. In theory, after 20 years of global expansion, multinationals are more vulnerable than ever. Listed Western firms have 20-30% of their sales in emerging markets, about double the level in the ... read more...

What We’re Reading: September 23

23 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, What We're Reading
Tuesday links: U.S. Stocks Fall on Eurozone, China Manufacturing Data (WSJ) U.S. and Allies Attack Isis in Syria (Financial Times) Alibaba Deal Pummels Yahoo Stock (WSJ) How to Play the Real-Estate Market (WSJ) Why First-Time Homebuyers Should Get Their Checkbooks Ready (Fiscal Times) 3 Reasons Why Healthcare Will Favor Google over Apple (Forbes) Polaroid Goes After GoPro with a $99 Action Camera (Businessweek) U.S. Acts to Curb Tax Inversions (New York Times) Hedge Fund: A Term That’s Lost Its Meaning (Behavior Gap) Eight Picks to Play U.S. Wireless Growth (Barron’s)   Chart of the Day: Source: Bespoke Investment Group   read more...

Apple is Thriving under Tim Cook

22 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, Large Cap Stocks
(Source: Apple.com) A recent cover story from Businessweek profiles Apple CEO Tim Cook and describes how he has changed the culture of the company. The magazine also published a follow up interview with Cook after Apple’s recent iPhone 6/Watch announcement. Back in 2012 after the death of Steve Jobs the company appeared to be in trouble, and a lot of commentators doubted Cook could fill the shoes of the charismatic founder Jobs.  Both Businessweek pieces are worth reading and give the picture of an Apple that is still innovative and perhaps more focused and efficient that under the sometimes erratic Jobs: Until Sept. 9, all the other changes at the world’s most valuable and scrutinized company were largely invisible to the public. Then Tim Cook took the stage at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts and laid out much of what Apple has been working on over the past three years. The immediate aftermath is that Apple is swamped by a record number of preorders for the new ... read more...