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Socially-Conscious Investing

6 October, 2010 by admin in Philosophy

Reasonable people will disagree over what this term means. Thus one person may want to avoid pharmaceutical stocks because of their animal testing practices; another soft drink, fast food and ice cream stocks because of their health effects, and so on. The subject can get complicated in a hurry. Generally, we are able to accommodate a strong preference either for or against certain industry sectors. Certainly we want clients to be comfortable with their investments; we never lose sight of whose money it is. At the same time, we do not set out to find good-citizen stocks so we can invest in them. This seems backwards to us. Rather we look for stocks in businesses we like and understand, and that we think will make money. In our experience, a good stock tends to be a good citizen, but a bad citizen is never a good stock, at least not in the long term.