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What We’re Reading: June 16

16 June, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary

Stocks broke their recent losing streak on Friday, with the S&P closing up .2%. Here’s what we’ve been reading over the weekend:

Have Stock Investors Grown Complacent? (WSJ)

Bullish Sentiment Declines (Bespoke)

Brokers Fight Rule to Favor Best Interests of Clients (NY Times)

Why Stock Buybacks Are Losing Thier Fizz (Market Watch)

9 Risks Everyone Should Understand (Market Watch)

U.S. Tech, Pharma Park Cash Offshore (Financial Times)

Millienials Drowning in Debt (Money)

Will Robo-Advisors Replace Humans? (Abnormal Returns)

Why Tesla Gave Up on Patents (Atlantic)