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What We’re Reading: July 10

10 July, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary

Quote of the Day:

“It is dangerous to short stocks that have disconnected from traditional valuation methods. After all, twice a silly price is not twice as silly; it’s still just silly”.

— David Einhorn, quoted in the Financial Times 



Thursday morning reading:

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Where Did All the Short Sellers Go? (Financial Times)

The Rising Burden of U.S. Student Debt (Bloomberg)

Stock Prices as a Rorshach Test (Bloomberg)

The Race is on to Profit from Urgent Care (NY Times)

3D Printing is Speeding up Small Businesses (Businessweek)

Schlumberger Rally Can Continue Amid Upgrades (Barron’s)

Chipotle Fans Willing to Pay Higher Prices (Financial Times)

The Uber of Alcohol (Businessweek)



Chart of the day:

Source: WSJ