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What We’re Reading: August 26

Quote of the Day: 

“Some of the best investment decisions you ever make will be the opportunities you turn down.”

–Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense blog


Tuesday links:

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S&P 500 Tops 2,000. Don’t Do Anything (Businessweek)

Corporate Profit Margins Have Officially Hit New Highs (Business Insider)

This Rally is Different than the 1990’s Internet Bubble (Bloomberg)

It’s Not a Chase For Yield, It’s a Chase For Fees (A Wealth of Common Sense)

U.S. Produces Record Corn Crop (Bloomberg)

An Emerging Price War in the World of Investment Advice (NYT)

Boeing Wins $8.8 Billion Order (Bloomberg)

A New Reason to Question the Official Unemployment Rate (The Upshot)

Amazon Acquires Video Game Company Twitch (WSJ)


Chart of the Day: 

S&P 500 Reaches 2000, An All-Time High

record high