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What We’re Reading: October 16

16 October, 2014 by Matthew O'Brien, Ph.D. in Commentary

Thursday’s Links

Bad Money Is Undermining Growth (Forbes)

Risk of Deflation Feeds Global Fears (WSJ)

AbbVie Board Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Shire Acquisition (WSJ)

Apple Hopes to Revive iPad Growth With New Tablets (WSJ)

Greece Forces Bond Investors to Confront Risk Realities (WSJ)

Governments Need Inflation, Economies Don’t (RealClearMarkets)

Citigroup Sees $1.1 Trillion Stimulus From Oil Plunge (Bloomberg)

Chart of the Day

Via FT Alphaville and BofA’s “Thundering Word,” we have the “Alibaba peak”: the S&P 500’s high before the recent sell-off came 8 minutes after Alibaba’s IPO.

alibaba peak