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Some Perspective on the Impact of the Strengthening Dollar on Financial Statements

23 February, 2016 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
Last week Apple made headlines by announcing a massive $15 billion dollar bond offering. What was remarkable was that Apple already had plenty of cash and did not appear to need to issue any debt. In fact, Apple had more than $200 billion in cash, far more than any company in history. The cash, ... read more...

The Problem with PE Ratios

3 December, 2015 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
One of the first things new investors tend to learn is the PE ratio. It is a very quick measure of a company’s relative valuation. To get the PE ratio you simply divide the current share price by one year’s earnings per share. The ratio tells you how much you will pay for each ... read more...

What to Expect from Apple’s Big Announcement Tomorrow

8 September, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, Large Cap Stocks
For several years now, watchers of Apple have been waiting for some big, new, groundbreaking product. The company has prospered by updating its existing products, but if it hopes to continue its tremendous growth, it will need to launch something new as it did with the iPod and then the iPhone ... read more...

Barron’s: Sky is the Limit for Apple’s Cloud Business

25 August, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, Large Cap Stocks
Apple’s stock recently reached its all-time high, and the company is on the verge of a major product announcement in September. All eyes are on Apple’s next move. A lot of speculation has focused on a new smartwatch or TV, and last week I wrote about the company’s interesting ... read more...

Will Apple’s Next Big Move Be in Healthcare?

19 August, 2014 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary, Large Cap Stocks
What will Apple do next? This is the big question. The company has had a long string of successes, but if it hopes to continue its impressive growth it will need to come up with something new beyond just updating its existing devices. For the last year or so a lot of speculation has fixated on ... read more...