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Competitive Currency Devaluation Continues Apace

29 January, 2015 by Matthew O'Brien, Ph.D. in Commentary
One of the first things that you learn about economic growth, if you learn anything at all, is that growth is not a zero-sum game.  That is, when a company like Apple increases its earnings by 40% or so, as it did last quarter, it didn’t simply “take” those earnings from its ... read more...

Ray Dalio’s Economic Principles

5 August, 2014 by Matthew O'Brien, Ph.D. in Commentary
Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world.  For the past year or so Dalio has been publishing animated clips derived from his magnum opus on economics and investing, Principles.  Click here to check them out. ... read more...