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The Use and Misuse of Investment One-Liners

10 March, 2016 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
“Brevity is the soul of wit,” said Shakespeare. Well, actually he didn’t quite say it himself but put it in the mouth of one of his characters Polonius in Hamlet. Polonius was a great dispenser of one-liners. He also said “To thine own self be true” and ... read more...

Buffett on Market Downturns

26 August, 2015 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
Though the market has bounced back today, the Dow and S&P are now solidly in correction, a pullback of more than 10% from July highs. Who do you turn to for insight in times of market panic? It can be tempting to turn on CNBC. But that may be the worst thing you can do because much of the ... read more...

The Wisdom of Buffett’s “Too Hard” Bin

16 June, 2015 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
Regular readers of this blog will have to forgive me for writing about Warren Buffett so much recently, but I recently read his excellent biography by Roger Lowenstein, and so I have Buffett on the brain. One Buffett anecdote that resonated with me was his comment that on his desk he had an ... read more...

The Ideal Investment: Tesla versus the Toll Bridge

9 June, 2015 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
What is the ideal company to invest in? Many people, professional investors and laymen alike, would think of a company like Apple or Tesla: revolutionary technology, a charismatic founder and perhaps a cult following among customers. Indeed some companies like this have been great investments. ... read more...

Rethinking Diversification: The Pearl of Great Price versus Eggs-in-Many-Baskets

1 May, 2015 by Ben O'Brien in Commentary
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is perhaps the most worn out of investment cliches. It is also describes one of the central principals of modern portfolio theory, the prevailing academic theory in finance. But is it true? Mark Twain famously said, “Put all your ... read more...